June 27, 2008

Karen H. Rothenberg

Much news this week from Karen H. Rothenberg, Dean of the University of Maryland School of Law. On Wednesday she offered an excellent op-ed on the importance of law schools' attending to the ethical aspects of the legal profession. And yesterday came word that she will be stepping down as dean and returning to the faculty at the end of next school year.

The law school will miss her leadership. Over the years she has steered the school with the same moral sensibility that is on display in the op-ed, in which she announces that:

Thanks to a $1.6 million investment from the Fetzer Institute, the UM School of Law has recently launched a pioneering initiative that will emphasize ethics, moral formation and leadership development for lawyers.

This is an excellent initiative. In 2003 I attended a meeting of the 4th Circuit Judicial Conference at which several law school deans, including Dean Rothenberg, discussed the future of legal education in the country. Afterwards, I wrote an article for The Daily Record entitled "A Challenge to Law Schools" that addressed this very topic.

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